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 When you partner with an engineer 
understands the music 

you will hear the difference.

Live Concert Recording, On Location


Whether you’re a small band looking to record a few songs at the local pub, or a full orchestra performing for your community at an outdoor amphitheater, I can provide the high-quality audio tracking and mixing often limited to the in-studio environment. With 20 years of on-location experience, I specialize in providing a completely mobile, polished recording experience, adaptable to any environment.  


When conducting a professional, multi-track live recording, I balance an understanding of audio physics with practical hands-on experience, all while capturing the immediacy of the performance. I approach on-site recording as a collaboration with the artists and ensembles, working to overcome challenges of space, sound interference, and set-up and tear-down logistics. 


Studio Production 


Every band has a unique sound to be captured. Studio recording provides artists an opportunity to focus on their sound, isolated from the distractions of a public performance.


In addition to audio engineering, my personal experience and training as a musician enable me to provide collaboration as a producer and voice trainer. Sometimes the smallest change in the approach to a recording, such as moving the microphone or removing the metronome, can unlock the true genius behind your work.


I've recorded in many of the best concert halls, sacred spaces, and recording facilities in the region and can help you choose the one that is best for the aesthetic and musical direction of your project.


If you have a great album written, but are missing a few musicians to round out some of the songs, I have built a strong network of incredible artists throughout the region—from bassists to bassoonists. So if your lead guitarist decides to quit the band, no worries. I will find someone who will be a perfect fit to help finish your record and move your production forward.

Editing, Mixing, and Mastering

Once your tracks are recorded, I will put them through a detailed editing, mixing, and mastering process with an ear towards your unique sound. Throughout the process, I will touch base with you to garner feedback, make adjustments, and seek approval for artistic edits that have developed—so recordings sound exactly as you intended.


If you have already recorded your tracks with another engineer, but are struggling with post-production, I am happy to edit, mix, and master them.