Your engineer should bring
a broad 
pallet to work;  each of

their tools has a color and sonic signature. 

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RME offers some of the best technology in conversion and digital clock management, allowing industry leading clarity and accuracy in digital audio. Additionally, the Fireface UFX includes stand-alone recording capabilities, ensuring we will never lose that perfect take or once in a lifetime performance.

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Converters and Interfaces
DAW and Plugin Software

Using JBL's Room Correction utilities, I can take these studio monitors to any location, confident that what I'm hearing will translate to a great final mix whether we're in the studio or live and on-location.

Every member of your project hears things a little differently. Using Hear Technology's system, each performer can adjust their headphone mix to their taste. Giving musicians this level of control helps yield better performances.

KRK 6400 Studio Headphones (4 pairs)

KRK's monitors are seen in pro studios everywhere. Their headphones provide my clients with clear, detailed sound that won't cause ear fatigue over the course of tracking.

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